The Picker’s Log Book

The Picker's Log Book
The Picker’s Log Book

The Pickers’ Log Book is designed specifically for pickers, auction goers, garage-salers, and everyone who loves bargain hunting.

At CloverCity, we spend most weekends searching for rusty treasures. Whether we are driving to an estate sale, heading to an auction, or prowling the neighborhood looking for garage sales, we need to keep track of our purchases, miles, and expenses.

Although we love our smartphones and iPads, we have never found the perfect app that can take the place of a simple log book. The phone’s GPS is quite useful for accurately tracking mileage, but it can’t tie the miles to a specific purchase.

Did I drive 35 miles and use $10.00 worth of gas to buy that great find on Craigslist? Or did I go 35 miles for two estate sales, a quick stop at a thrift store, and a garage sale on the way home? There is just no way I’ll remember which trip was which months after the event.

To help track my mileage, my expenses, and my purchases, I kept a picking notebook. It’s evolution led to The Pickers’ Log Book.

Log Page
Log Page

The log has fields for the date and the beginning and ending miles on your odometer.

In addition, you’ll find check boxes for estate sales, garage sales, thrifting, auctions, swap meets, rummage sales, retail arbitrage, and a blank miscellaneous box for your own categories.

There is a space to tag the event in any way that is meaningful to you – perhaps the name of the estate sale company or the school hosting the rummage sale or the thrift store you visited.

There is an area to note the amount spent at any event. And a blank area for special notes (check? cash? credit card?)

Finally, there is room to list the treasures you found. You can fill in your list item by item, category by category, or in any manner that makes sense for your record keeping.

Track Business Miles
Track Routine Business Miles

There is a separate section to track your general business miles. No need to keep a second mileage tracker or use up valuable inventory pages for routine trips to the Post Office or packaging store.

The Business Miles section has fields for the information the IRS requires for mileage deductions on your tax return – including an opening block on the first page for vehicle make and license number and the starting and ending odometer readings for the entire year (to show business miles as a percentage of total miles).

The Business Mile fields include odometer readings, date, and purpose of the trip.

We’ve included few pages of scouting tips:

  •  The treasure hunting tools you’ll want to take on every trip
  • A room-by-room guide for brands and items to watch for at estate sales
  • Tips on negotiation strategies that not only increase profits but grow your business by building positive relationships

The back of book includes pages for your personal Hot List and notes. Don’t take a chance on forgetting the brand name of that obscure but very profitable set of knives – write it down immediately! Or create your own scouting list for yard sales or thrifting. We hope this book aids you in your search for the treasures we all know are out there, hiding in plain sight, all around us. Happy picking! The Pickers’ Log Book is now available on Amazon and eBay.

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